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Zakku Tensai

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Zakku Tensai Empty Zakku Tensai

Post by Zakku Tensai on Fri Jan 16, 2009 4:40 pm

Name: Zakku Tensai
Age: 14
Looks: Zakku Tensai AnimeBoy7
Weapon: Zakku Tensai UraharaKisukeZanpakuto
Weapon In Bankai form: Zakku Tensai Scythe
Bankai Form: Zakku Tensai %5Blarge%5D%5BAnimePaper%5Dwallpapers_D-GrayMan_bloodties(1.33)__THISRES__70984
Race: Soul Reaper
Bio: He was trained under Ichigo Kurosaki and became good freiends with Orihime and Rukia. He became a very powerful soulreaper and learned to control his bankai and his hollow form. Today he sticks by Orihime or by himself.
Hollow Mask: Zakku Tensai Hollow_Mask
Zakku Tensai
Zakku Tensai

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Zakku Tensai Empty Re: Zakku Tensai

Post by Ikasu Kurosaki on Fri Jan 16, 2009 4:43 pm


Me in Bankai form
Zakku Tensai Animedemon06
My Hollow Mask
Zakku Tensai Seriph__s_Hollow_Mask_by_Cybeles
My Zanpakuto, The Kuroharu
Zakku Tensai _Snake_Eyes_Sword_M4465_3048
Ikasu Kurosaki
Ikasu Kurosaki
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